Our Programs

Assistance League of Antelope Valley participates in numerous programs to benefit the community.

Among our ongoing programs:

• Operation School Bell: This is Assistance League’s signature national philanthropic program that provides clothing and supplies to children in need. We purchase backpacks and school supplies for 4,500 students (2,500 elementary and 2,000 high school students). 

• Assault Survivor Kits and Community Awareness: Assistance League of Antelope Valley is working with the Antelope Valley Hospital Forensics Services Unit to raise awareness to our community by sponsoring a one-day conference.

• Winter Coat Program: This is a community effort in which Assistance League of Antelope Valley collects winter coats throughout the year and delivers them to the Homeless Shelter, Forensics Services Unit or any other community group that requires this program.

• Gift Giving Program: Assistance League of Antelope Valley purchases gifts for children in foster care during the holidays. Typically, approximately 200 gifts are given to children up to age 16.

‘One and Done’ Projects

• Tech Trekk Scholarship Project: Assistance League of Antelope Valley will be sponsoring 7th grade girls to go to an exciting and educational camp that involves science, engineering and math. 


Our Fundraisers

Assistance League of Antelope Valley conducts a series of fundraisers each year that provide funding for our programs. For more information on fundraisers, click here.


About Our Preschool

As you may be aware, Assistance League of Antelope Valley formerly operated a preschool that provided an affordable option for local families in need. However, as of September 2014, Assistance League of Antelope Valley no longer operates the preschool and has shifted its focus to other programs and projects that benefit the community.