Please help us continue our mission of improving the lives of those in need in our community! ***Virtual Auction is now LIVE!***

 Visit the link above to submit your bid on the amazing prizes!
Auction ends on September 22nd!
All proceeds go to provide aid to those in need in our community.

Not interested in submitting a bid?  Donations are graciously accepted and very much appreciated


Our annual golf tournament is one of two fundraisers held each year, and is the main source of funding for programs we offer to our community and particularly for Operation School Bell.  This program provides school age children with the clothes, shoes, school supplies, and food necessary to succeed in school.

With schools not returning to in-person classes this fall, more students will feel the impacts of food insecurity, and the lack of supplies normally afforded to them by the schools themselves.

We are asking that our members, stakeholders, and community give donations in lieu of the sponsorships and green fees typically paid for the tournament to allow us to continue our mission of improving the lives of those in need.

Every donation makes a difference.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Downloadable form available here!


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