A message from Mary Hier, President of Assistance League Antelope Valley, after attending the special Forensics Speaker event sponsored by ALAV on Dec. 10:


I am literally off the ground ecstatic about the Forensics Speaker event. Mary Reina pulled together an amazing group of attendees from all over, she arranged for wonderful  food and our speaker Dr. Lisak was outstanding! 225 people, military OSI, detectives, prosecutors, correction workers, medical, abuse agencies, Edwards Air Force people, the list goes on, some from here, or L.A. and some from out of state.  So many came to me and thanked our chapter for hosting this. I sat with four sheriff patrol deputies from Palmdale for lunch. They were surprised at how great it was. They thought only about 25 people were going to be there. Dr. Lisak is an outstanding speaker. He made our time interesting, interactive, visual with videos, educational and inspiring.  So much more to tell. Mary Reina will be at our next meeting with pictures, and more. We really have a lot to be proud of for what an impacting event it was. … Mary

Photos from the event: