Our membership is open to all women and men interested in volunteer service to the community. Our members pride themselves on staying informed, involved, and in touch with local needs, and welcome all who have similar concerns and a desire to serve others in a congenial and friendly environment.

Several classifications of membership are available, and potential members are encouraged to select one which is compatible with their own personal lifestyle and time schedule. Classifications are composed of voting and non-voting members with responsibilities in various categories. Please contact our chapter for more information on membership.

Membership Options

Voting Membership ($50)
Non-Voting Membership ($65)

Board of Directors for 2020/2021
Voting Members Obligation

Golf Tournament

Voting Member Obligation Golf Tournament ($25)

or an item of equal value to be included in a gift basket thirty (30) days prior to the golf tournament

Designer Fashion Showcase

Voting Member Obligation – Designer Ticket ($65)

Voting Member Obligation – Designer Cookies (Ten Dozen valued at $25)

Volunteer hours: Click here to download the 2020-2021 volunteer hours form.
2019-2020 version is still available
2018-2019 version is still available

Newsletter: See members-only section:

Members-Only Information