Submitted by Rose Rockey:

PlaquePresentationWhat a wonderful opportunity we had at our Regular Meeting to have a special guest, Kim Mullins. She is the wife of Kevin Mullins, the superintendent from (then) Kaufman & Broad Homes who helped so much during the building of our Preschool 17 years ago. It was with great pleasure that I could present her with the plaque that was installed at the Preschool upon completion of construction to honor Kevin and all he did for us.

For those who aren’t familiar with Kevin – he was fighting cancer and taking treatments during the time he was working with us, and passed away shortly afterwards. It was an honor to work with him and I will never forget the opportunity I had to personally work with him on our building.

Kim was so happy to receive the plaque so that she can pass Kevin’s legacy to her two sons.

Thank you to Valerie Copeland for helping to accomplish this presentation.