Recruiting the right talent is the most important key to growth.

At National Assistance League, we want YOU and the talents you possess to help us continue to grow. The organization has made great strides to reimagine itself at the National level. In order to meet our goals for the future, we seek strategic thinkers who embrace change, can communicate their vision and understand the ways in which technology can help deliver our work product more efficiently and with clarity. 

We are convinced that nothing we do is more important than recruiting and developing volunteers.

In your role as National Board Director, you will have fantastic learning opportunities through continuing board development as you learn new skills working with colleagues. You’ll be a contributor to Board conversations through your knowledge of nonprofit industry trends and professional experiences. Board service allows you to contribute to the Assistance League mission, vision and purpose in an expanded and meaningful way.

If we recruit enthusiastic volunteers and give them interesting projects, then something good is going to happen.

The application for board service as Director is now open. Click here. ALL members are eligible to apply and prior experience serving at the National level is not required. The Board of Director job description and one-page National Strategic Plan can be found at the link. The application process is open from now to January 31, 2023.

You can also find the application by logging onto the national website, under “Administration”. 

Thank you for considering service at the National level and if you have any questions, please email